welcome, this blog dedicated to turkish show about ottomans empire - magnificent century (muhtesem yuzyil)

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Anonymous: Heyhey:) i really like your blog:) can you please make a gifset of hurrem(meryem) and put this quote: 'You can't make people love you. But you can make them fear you.' I would appriciate it. Keep up the good work! 

thank you <3 yes :)

04-09 - 14:18
Anonymous: you're not watching the 4th season? 

no, just some parts :)

04-08 - 14:18

Happiness is one thing that we queens can never have.

validenurbanusultan: Congratulations my love; you deserve them all and much more. Keep up the ominous and exquisite creativity❤️ 

thank you so much, baby :)

04-07 - 16:40

Hurrem + favorite hairstyle

Finally 2505 followers…thank you so much! <3

Magnificent Century outfits → Favorite women outfits

Anonymous: hi :) could you please say me which episode this is in the 1:24 - 1:25, where Hurrem looks so cool? :D youtube(.)com/watch?v=CmSTV7pyoT4 

66 :)

04-03 - 17:06
Anonymous: can you please explain to me how did u dowload photoshop that youre using? i hope im not bothering you.. i love you blog btw :) 

you’re not bothering me of course :) just go on their site: http://www.adobe.com/rs/products/photoshopextended.html click on ‘try’ on the right side and you will start downloading trial. Actually you can download it only if you have Windows 7, Mac or Windows 8. And you must register on their site. It’s free :)

04-02 - 17:01



Hi all beautiful, enchanting, exquisite, marvelous people and blogs! The MC fandom has lost inspiration for a project and for something that would be memorable. Lately all are focused on requests and some certain posts. Jessy ( magnificentselim ) has also felt the…

Great idea, I think we can do it!

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