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history love
the last episode, and the new trailer distroyed my heart, I'm literaly sobbing because of this, I wasn't ready to watch this, and I'm not ready for Hurrem's death... OMG, FUCK THIS.

yes, i am so sad for her, she was my beloved queen and she will always be :(

Anonymous SAID:
hello.... your blog is really amazing... keep up the good job... and please dont stop blogging after the series ends :)

thank you so much <3

Can you please tell me if the poem "after hürrems death" in your last post is official? And where did you find it out?💗💗💗

This poem I already posted [ x ] :)

”…Not in my flesh, but in my soul, I cry, I cry for you, my love, there is no ocean bigger than ocean of my tears for you, Hurrem…”

- Sultan Suleyman’s poetry for Hurrem Sultan after her death

make me choose between two pairs, characters, colors…

now everyone makes this, and it’s great fun. I’ll do it too.

send me two pairs/characters/colors in inbox, and i’ll answer which one i prefer throug the post.:)

✿ Hi dear , I think that your Hürrem Post " you can't make people love you..." is gorgeous! I love your blog, keep doing weel !

Thank you so much <3 You also have amazing blog!

thank you <3

can you make gifs of your favorite mihrimah&hurrem moments

no problem :)

Anonymous SAID:
Bloğun çok güzel :)

Teşekkürler <3

Anonymous SAID:
Selim or Bayezid, why?

Selim, because he has only one wife, he is good father and husband and he’s so handsome :)